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Wheat Germ Oil

Color : Pale Yellow Liquid

Odor : Characteristic


Saponification Value : 180-200

Iodine Value : 110-140

Refractive Index : 1.4700-1.4779

Specific Gravity : 0.920-0.933

Peroxide Value : 10% Max

Vitamin E : 0.2 - 0.5 %

Wheat germ contains antioxidants and anti aging properties, which helps in preventing many diseases like cancer, Cardiovascular disease etc. It also helps in reducing aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and also reduces premature aging signs. It preserves the texture of your skin, hair and even protects your skin against skin damage.

It lowers bad cholesterol levels to a great extent and increases blood circulation which in return helps in keeping your heart healthy. Increased blood circulation also helps in making skin and hair healthy.

Wheat germ oil contains vitamin B, which helps in repairing tissue damage and also helps in tissue growth. It also helps minerals, vitamins and nutrients to reach our cells which are beneficial for health.

It also prevents many types of birth defects like impotence and miscarriages. It is high in vitamin-E nutrient. Wheat germ oil is advisable even for pregnant women as it has many benefits and it also prevents from birth defects. It also allows healthy red blood cells.

Wheat germ oil helps in providing you healthy skin as it prevents many skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. You can apply it externally on skin and it will sooth and repair your skin and will makes it healthy looking. It contains vitamin E oil, which is considered to be very good for skin.

Wheat germ oil is rich in magnesium. Thus when used regularly, it helps in promoting healthy blood sugar control which is especially beneficial for diabetic patients. It helps in keeping sugar levels under control and thus controls diabetes to a great extent.

Regular consumption of wheat germ oil gives you a healthy, long and disease free life. It prevents many diseases, reduces your stress and makes you energetic.